descriptorprocesspsbt (rawtransactions command)

Bitcoin Core 26.0 RPC

descriptorprocesspsbt "psbt" ["",{"desc":"str","range":n or [n,n]},...] ( "sighashtype" bip32derivs finalize )

Update all segwit inputs in a PSBT with information from output descriptors, the UTXO set or the mempool.

Then, sign the inputs we are able to with information from the output descriptors.


1. psbt                          (string, required) The transaction base64 string
2. descriptors                   (json array, required) An array of either strings or objects
       "",                       (string) An output descriptor
       {                         (json object) An object with an output descriptor and extra information
         "desc": "str",          (string, required) An output descriptor
         "range": n or [n,n],    (numeric or array, optional, default=1000) Up to what index HD chains should be explored (either end or [begin,end])
3. sighashtype                   (string, optional, default="DEFAULT for Taproot, ALL otherwise") The signature hash type to sign with if not specified by the PSBT. Must be one of
4. bip32derivs                   (boolean, optional, default=true) Include BIP 32 derivation paths for public keys if we know them
5. finalize                      (boolean, optional, default=true) Also finalize inputs if possible


{                             (json object)
  "psbt" : "str",             (string) The base64-encoded partially signed transaction
  "complete" : true|false,    (boolean) If the transaction has a complete set of signatures
  "hex" : "hex"               (string, optional) The hex-encoded network transaction if complete


> bitcoin-cli descriptorprocesspsbt "psbt" "[\"descriptor1\", \"descriptor2\"]"
> bitcoin-cli descriptorprocesspsbt "psbt" "[{\"desc\":\"mydescriptor\", \"range\":21}]"