addconnection (hidden command)

Bitcoin Core 26.0 RPC

addconnection "address" "connection_type"

Open an outbound connection to a specified node. This RPC is for testing only.


1. address            (string, required) The IP address and port to attempt connecting to.
2. connection_type    (string, required) Type of connection to open ("outbound-full-relay", "block-relay-only", "addr-fetch" or "feeler").


{                               (json object)
  "address" : "str",            (string) Address of newly added connection.
  "connection_type" : "str"     (string) Type of connection opened.


> bitcoin-cli addconnection "" "outbound-full-relay"
> curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id": "curltest", "method": "addconnection", "params": ["" "outbound-full-relay"]}' -H 'content-type: text/plain;'