dumptxoutset (blockchain command)

Bitcoin Core 26.0 RPC

dumptxoutset "path"

Write the serialized UTXO set to disk.


1. path    (string, required) Path to the output file. If relative, will be prefixed by datadir.


{                             (json object)
  "coins_written" : n,        (numeric) the number of coins written in the snapshot
  "base_hash" : "hex",        (string) the hash of the base of the snapshot
  "base_height" : n,          (numeric) the height of the base of the snapshot
  "path" : "str",             (string) the absolute path that the snapshot was written to
  "txoutset_hash" : "hex",    (string) the hash of the UTXO set contents
  "nchaintx" : n              (numeric) the number of transactions in the chain up to and including the base block


> bitcoin-cli dumptxoutset utxo.dat