getwalletinfo (wallet command)

Bitcoin Core 25.1 RPC


Returns an object containing various wallet state info.


{                                         (json object)
  "walletname" : "str",                   (string) the wallet name
  "walletversion" : n,                    (numeric) the wallet version
  "format" : "str",                       (string) the database format (bdb or sqlite)
  "balance" : n,                          (numeric) DEPRECATED. Identical to getbalances().mine.trusted
  "unconfirmed_balance" : n,              (numeric) DEPRECATED. Identical to getbalances().mine.untrusted_pending
  "immature_balance" : n,                 (numeric) DEPRECATED. Identical to getbalances().mine.immature
  "txcount" : n,                          (numeric) the total number of transactions in the wallet
  "keypoololdest" : xxx,                  (numeric, optional) the UNIX epoch time of the oldest pre-generated key in the key pool. Legacy wallets only.
  "keypoolsize" : n,                      (numeric) how many new keys are pre-generated (only counts external keys)
  "keypoolsize_hd_internal" : n,          (numeric, optional) how many new keys are pre-generated for internal use (used for change outputs, only appears if the wallet is using this feature, otherwise external keys are used)
  "unlocked_until" : xxx,                 (numeric, optional) the UNIX epoch time until which the wallet is unlocked for transfers, or 0 if the wallet is locked (only present for passphrase-encrypted wallets)
  "paytxfee" : n,                         (numeric) the transaction fee configuration, set in BTC/kvB
  "hdseedid" : "hex",                     (string, optional) the Hash160 of the HD seed (only present when HD is enabled)
  "private_keys_enabled" : true|false,    (boolean) false if privatekeys are disabled for this wallet (enforced watch-only wallet)
  "avoid_reuse" : true|false,             (boolean) whether this wallet tracks clean/dirty coins in terms of reuse
  "scanning" : {                          (json object) current scanning details, or false if no scan is in progress
    "duration" : n,                       (numeric) elapsed seconds since scan start
    "progress" : n                        (numeric) scanning progress percentage [0.0, 1.0]
  "descriptors" : true|false,             (boolean) whether this wallet uses descriptors for scriptPubKey management
  "external_signer" : true|false          (boolean) whether this wallet is configured to use an external signer such as a hardware wallet


> bitcoin-cli getwalletinfo 
> curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id": "curltest", "method": "getwalletinfo", "params": []}' -H 'content-type: text/plain;'