echojson (hidden command)

Bitcoin Core 25.1 RPC

echojson ( "arg0" "arg1" "arg2" "arg3" "arg4" "arg5" "arg6" "arg7" "arg8" "arg9" )

Simply echo back the input arguments. This command is for testing.

It will return an internal bug report when arg9='trigger_internal_bug' is passed.

The difference between echo and echojson is that echojson has argument conversion enabled in the client-side table in bitcoin-cli and the GUI. There is no server-side difference.


1. arg0     (string, optional)
2. arg1     (string, optional)
3. arg2     (string, optional)
4. arg3     (string, optional)
5. arg4     (string, optional)
6. arg5     (string, optional)
7. arg6     (string, optional)
8. arg7     (string, optional)
9. arg8     (string, optional)
10. arg9    (string, optional)